Welcome to the 2020 edition of the first blended Group of Nations Global Briefing Report. It’s fair to say this has been a most unusual, challenging, and also a tragic year for people, organizations, and entire nations. We are dealing with several firsts: the first time to not have a G7 Summit and the first time to have a virtual G20 Summit. But this is not the first time—nor will it be the last—humanity is dealing with such unprecedented upheaval due to a pandemic. The true question is: will we be better students of history so that we may weather the next pandemic—and its accompanying crises—with more resilience? The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis on its own right. But it has also exposed and accelerated several other crises that are colluding together. Even before 2020, the agenda of the G20 was abundantly ambitious. Global financial transparency, climate change, automation and the future of work, agriculture and food security, health, wealth, and so much more.