For over two decades, the Group of Nations (aka, CAT Company Inc.) has built an unparalleled reputation for producing and distributing publications and events that bridge the gap between government policy and the global business community. We started in 1997 with our first official print edition to memorialize the agenda of the G8 Summit in Denver, United States. Since then, our portfolio has evolved to include exclusive as well as official publications for the G20, B20, G20 YEA, and APEC summits. In 2021, we are excited to add the W20 to our portfolio. In 2019, our partnership with the London School of Economics resulted in several stand-alone thought leadership reports focused on making the global financial system work for all. With the launch of our new brand and website in 2020, the Group of Nations (GON) has transformed into a multi-disciplinary platform for collaboration between the private sector/industry and policy makers. We invite you to become a thought partner, co-creator, and collaborator in this journey with us.


Now, more than ever, the solutions to the world’s most intractable problems will come not just from government heads—at least not from them alone—but from all stakeholders. Through our digital and print publications, our state-of-the art mobile app for members, as well as events, we provide a platform for the private sector/industry and other stakeholders from the fields of media, non-profit sector, and civil society, to be part of the discussions and the solutions that policy leaders at these important gatherings have put forth in their agenda. If you are looking to position yourself and your company as a leader of your industry (not just the leader of your company), raise awareness of your CSR or Shared Value programs, engage in policy debates, or merely increase profit, we invite you to participate in our partnership and strategic marketing initiatives that reach all the key decision makers in government and business around the world.